About Us

ultimate tan line windsor wiFor a more youthful tanned looking you...


Locally owned and operated since 1993.

We have great equipment that provides you with relaxation, beautification, and therapeutic benefits. Come in and Escape from everyday life and into our relaxing atmosphere. Our customers are always satisfied!


Since 1993, Ultimate Tan Line has been helping the people of Windsor, WI to look fabulous year round, with our luxurious, state-of-the-art tanning beds.


You will find our facilities clean, our staff well trained, and the atmosphere relaxing s and comfortable. We take the time to understand your tanning goals and understand your skin type to create a responsible and customized tanning program.


Come and visit us today for a more confident, more beautiful, more youthful you.

Tanning Lotions Available

Hours 11am-7pm Monday -Thursday
11am-6pm Friday
8am-noon Saturday

Walk - Ins We will attempt to accommodate all walk - ins depending on availability.